Podcast #577: DAN BUCATINSKY of NBC’s “Marry Me”

Dan Bucatinsky/Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dan Bucatinsky/Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dan Bucatinsky is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. Aside from being a partner in the “Is or Isn’t Entertainment” company alongside Lisa Kudrow, he is also an actor, writer, and producer for several TV series. Bucatinsky can currently be seen on the NBC romantic comedy series, “Marry Me,” as Kevin 2, or better known as one of Annie’s (Casey Wilson) two dads. Many fans will recognize Dan for his Emmy-winning role on the ABC series, “Scandal,” where he played press secretary James Novack.

It was recently announced that Bucatinsky has been upped to series regular on the NBC comedy, and we talked a bit about joining the show what fans can expect in tonight’s new episode:

“I had a great ride on ‘Scandal.’ I owe so much to Shonda Rhimes. The cast and I are still very close with each other. The week that that was happening (referring to filming James being killed off) was a dark week in my life. The biggest highlight was joining the cast of ‘Marry Me’ and filming the pilot. Luckily, it got picked up and I am able to join the cast in a more permanent way which is very exciting.”

He continues…

“Tonight’s episode is so wild. The proposal of Annie and Jake, (Ken Marino) which triggered the launching of the show, was the un-proposal or the unconventional proposal. Tonight is another proposal between the two Kevins, which is very unexpected. (laughs) I think Kevin would like to think it would trump Annie and Jake’s proposal. I think it’s every bride’s…wait, maybe not every bride (laughs)…but I think it would be a bride’s worst nightmare to have to compete with her own dad for Bride of the Year.”

As millions of fans, myself included, saw the death of James on “Scandal,” loud gasps and tears filled the room as we saw him take his last breath. We spoke with him about what went through his head when it was revealed which two (David Rosen or James Novack) would bite the bullet:

“It was a bit of a surprise to me. There was an episode prior to this where Jake (Scott Foley) shoots the gun in the street, and one bullet goes off. You don’t know if it was going to be James or David Rosen. That episode I had no warning about. Neither (Josh) Malina nor I knew, and we read it at the table and our jaws dropped. I don’t think the writers quite figured out what they were going to do. They took three or four days to figure this out. It was very nerve-wracking week while we shot that episode. We didn’t quite know what was going to happen in the next episode. Then, I got a phone call four days in, and told me that James was the one who was going to die. It was a sad moment, but they wrote such a beautiful episode. If you have to die, that was the way to do it. It was great, and I had a really great run with the show.”

Download the full podcast with Dan Bucatinksy to find out which collectibles he is not allowed to sell (without my permission) and more about the two Kevins on “Marry Me.” Also, we spoke about HBO’s “The Comeback” was able to come back.

To follow Dan on Twitter, go to: @danbucatinksy and visit his website at http://danbucatinsky.com

“Marry Me” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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