Brandon Barash Brings Johnny Zacchara Back to “General Hospital”

Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara

Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara

Johnny Zacchara is returning to Port Charles…and that can mean several things for Maxie Jones and Nathan West. Brandon Barash is set to return to “General Hospital” this December, and Executive Producer Frank Valentini released this statement:

“Hold on tight GH fans because things are going to get absolutely crazy good in Port Charles in the coming months. We are so happy to have Brandon back and with Johnny Z’s unexpected arrival in Port Charles that can only spell one thing:  t-r-o-u-b-l-e.”

Zacchara/Barash were last seen in February, as Maxie helped him escape Port Charles, and is officially on the lam.

Just how will Johnny Zacchara be returning this time, and who will be his target? Could he be coming after Sonny Corinthos as his enemy is wheelchair-bound? What about Maxie/Nathan…or even Lulu?

Tune into “GH” this December for Brandon Barash’s return.

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