BUZZCast Interviews: Danny Pino of MGM+ Series “Hotel Cocaine”

The BUZZ officially wraps up “Hotel Cocaine” week as we sit down with the star of the MGM+ series, Danny Pino. The actor, who plays Roman Compte on the show, talked with us about the upcoming episode, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” As viewers will see in the new episode, Roman will face a point of no return that will not only affect him, but his family as well. We talked about the introduction of new characters entering the scene, including Ray Dorado (Erniel Baez) and Yolanda (Mayra Hermosillo), and how they will be playing a pivotal part to the already established characters.

Some other aspects of the conversation we got into included how fans still love and appreciate the show, “Cold Case,” and that they would like to see it potentially rebooted. Pino talked about writing two episodes of the series and if he would like to write for, “Hotel Cocaine.” The actor also shared some insight on Norman Lear, as he got to work with him on the NETFLIX/Pop sitcom, “One Day at a Time,” and take part in the script reading at the ATX TV Festival.

“Hotel Cocaine” drops new episodes on MGM+ every Sunday at 9 PM ET, and you can stream all of the previous episodes currently on the platform.

To watch the full interview with Danny Pino, click on the video below. Also, you can download the audio podcast by clicking on the player above.

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