Stephen Nichols Brings Patch Back to “Days of our Lives”

Stephen Nichols

After several months, Patch is on his way back to Salem. Soap Digest reports that Stephen Nichols is headed back to NBC’s, “Days of our Lives.” The actor is currently back on set filming.

In a statement that Nichols released to Digest, he thanks the fans for their support in wanting Patch back:

“These good people who are so loyal and dedicated to supporting us, mean so much to me. In my opinion, the most beneficial thing about social media has been connecting with the fans on a deeper level. So much so that I consider them true friends.”

According to Digest, “DAYS” has big plans for the character of Patch (Steve), but the actor is reluctant to give the slightest on what that could possibly be.

Are you excited that Patch is returning to Salem?

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