Buzzcast #602: Internet Sensation JOE SANTAGATO!

Joe Santagato

Joe Santagato

To say that Joe Santagato is my spirit animal is a complete understatement. Santagato, who always had a love for the camera at the age of 13, is completely taking the Internet world by storm with his hilarious commentary/videos. If he is not entertaining viewers with his Mad Libs Madness, he is showcasing the latest Idiots of the Internet.

Aside from his weekly videos, Santagato also has two podcasts that are available on SoundCloud. One of the shows, “Invasion of Privacy,” is hosted by both Santagato and comedienne Kate Wolff. No topic is left off the table when it comes to this show. His second podcast is called, “The Basement Yard.”

Is there anything this guy CAN’T do? We actually asked him that, and I failed to remember his answer. You just have to listen to find out for yourself.

Find Joe Santagato on all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat. (I still don’t know what a SnapChat even is, so don’t ask me.)

Also, check his YouTube/Facebook pages for new videos to drop every Tuesday!

Download the full podcast with Joe below!

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