Podcast #591: Stephanie Szostak of USA’s “Satisfaction”

Stephanie Szostak
Stephanie Szostak


Stephanie Szostak has definitely led a fascinating life. She can be seen on the USA series, “Satisfaction,” where she plays the role of Grace Truman. The series revolves around a married couple who face many trials and tribulations in their relationship. One of which includes Grace turning to a male escort to seek fulfillment…only for her husband to secretly know about this! Szostak tells us about the complicated relationship, and if Grace truly does love her husband:

“I think there is no doubt in her mind that she loves her husband. Even with the anger, disappointment, and feeling betrayed, she can’t help but love him. They had this really strong love in the beginning, and that doesn’t really go away. It also doesn’t feel like what a marriage should be like. It started with desire not being there, or feeling like he didn’t pay attention to her. They were growing apart, and that was something I loved about the pilot. People began to realize, ‘How do you stay connected and together after all of these years?'”

Szostak also gave us a little insight as to what is going to happen during season two of the series:

“Season two is going to be a LOT sexier and more provocative compared to last year. You can expect a lot of big story twists. It’s exciting, and we got a lot of surprises. The confrontation between Neil and Grace happens early on. Grace and Neil are going to push their marriage to places they never thought possible. That is what I will say on that.”

Prior to joining the USA series, Szostak first got recognition in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada.” A film that still gets talked to this day many years later, the actress spoke about working opposite award winning actress, Meryl Streep:

“I put pictures of her all over my bathroom mirrors weeks before. I was afraid to be intimidated, and I needed to be used to her, seeing her, and hating her as Jacqueline.”

We spoke more with Szostak about her traveling to America when she was raised in the suburbs of Paris, France, working at Chanel then making the transition to becoming an actress. Also find out what her favorite TV shows and food choices are!

Follow Stephanie Szostak on Twitter at: @stephshortstak

Keep it locked at THE BUZZ for when it is announced the official airdate for season two of “Satisfaction,” but you can watch season one on demand at any time!

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