“GENERAL HOSPITAL” Teasers: Week of August 11

GH Logo

GH Logo

Here’s a brief look at what’s ahead for the town of Port Charles this week on “General Hospital”:

-Nathan confronts Levi about his wrongdoings since coming to town. Silas gives Sam an important clue regarding Patrick’s accident. A test is performed.

-The truth about Levi is revealed. How will Maxie react and is the wedding still on? Sam tells Patrick she will help discover who put Rafe up to the car crash.

-Danger strikes at the wedding. Olivia tells Sonny whether or not their relationship can be salvaged. Britt interrupts a lunch date between Nikolas and Liz.

-A shot is fired! Franco and Nina are trapped in a compromising position. Nikolas asks Britt to crash at his place.

-Lucas comes clean about his feelings to Brad. Britt and Nikolas share a close moment in front of the fireplace. Nina informs Franco a secret regarding Carly and Sonny.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC Daytime.

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