Podcast #528: GABRIEL MANN of ABC’s “REVENGE”

Gabriel Mann/Photo Credit Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Gabriel Mann/Photo Credit Jason Merritt/Getty Images

As the season three premiere of “Revenge” is just days away, one of our favorite cast members of the series stopped by THE BUZZ to give us a little taste of what to expect this season. Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) previewed that the show will certainly get back to the heart of what made it great, and that is Emily Thorne doing what she does best…getting revenge on those who wronged her.

“We have taken a very back-to-basics approach to this season so far. I also think it has raised the stakes on everything. Obviously, Emily’s revenge plan could potentially go on and on. However, there are a couple of things that happen very quickly this season that set a time limit on the proceedings that are about to follow. Whatever is about to or IS going to go down between Emily and the Graysons is going to happen in a big way real quick. I would imagine there would be ramifications and fallout that will continue to complicate in this story, but we are not wasting any time. We are right back in it to win it this year.”

In the season finale, we saw Nolan Ross taken away in handcuffs for the murder of his girlfriend, Padma, and essentially blamed for Carrion. Gabriel spoke about what we will see this season with Nolan and how the character has changed:

“Nolan is a little bit different this year. He definitely has felt the ramifications of all of the things that happened to him in the past couple of years. I mean, he basically got blamed for every terrible thing that has happened on the show. How that affects him moving forward, I will let the audience wait and see. He definitely has a fire burning in him. Nolan is also recommitted to Emily’s plan in a different way than what we have seen before. Sometimes, he can be a moral compass for Emily. I’m not saying he won’t be, but the way in which he goes about that may be very different than what we have seen in the past.”

One of the cliffhangers in the season finale that many fans buzzed about was the reveal of Emily’s true identity to Jack Porter. While Nolan and Jack had a very close relationship as friends during the past two seasons, just what will come from that now that Jack knows the truth, and learning that Nolan knew this entire time?

“Jack knowing Emily Thorne’s real identity throws a world of complications on a whole lot of things. Jack has been so damaged by everything that has happened. He lost his family. I will say that the one thing I find interesting about this situation is that we now find Jack and Emily on almost equal footing. Emily was sort of an orphan, and had to make her way through the world on her own. Jack, who really has lost about everything as a result of the way his character came in contact with the Graysons, puts them into a very interesting, and not similar, place with each other. How Nolan comes into that world becomes very interesting. Nolan’s goal has always been, I think, is a very obvious one. It’s a human connection and some sort of friendship for this guy who was very much alone in the world and kind of a misfit. Emily was the beginning of that equation, and Jack, certainly in the last couple of years, has become somebody he looks out for, cares about, and really is very invested in. There’s a lot of danger in that relationship now that Jack knows about Emily. How this affects Jack and Nolan’s relationship is anyone’s guess. It could bring them closer together, or make them mortal enemies. You have to wait and see how that plays out.”

We have more with Gabriel Mann as we talked about how this season will not only bring the revenge-ing side back to the forefront, but expect to see a lot of sexiness this year, and Nolan will definitely be a part of that. All that, plus we spoke about Sunil Nayar as the series’ new showrunner, and which characters will be showing a bit of a transformation this season.

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The season premiere of “Revenge” airs this Sunday, September 29, at 9/8c on ABC.

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