Michael Beasley
Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley, known as “King of Hollywood South,” joins the cast of the fourth and final season of HBO‘s “Eastbound & Down” as Jimmy Clay.

“Jimmy is an ex-NFL player who is now hosting a sports talk show. He is basically a guy who loves his new job, and stays in his lane. He tries not to ruffle any feathers. He sits next to Ken Marino, who plays Guy Young, who is the main host of the show. Jimmy is Guy’s right hand man on the show called, ‘The Sesh.’”

Prior to Beasley joining the cast of the HBO series, he previously was seen on the STARZ series, “Magic City.”

“The show kept getting compared to ‘Mad Men.’ It was the same time frame, but Miami was different back then. It was Vegas before Vegas. I loved the show, and loved being a part of it. I’m glad what we were able to do with it. Maybe it will come back.”

This November, Beasley can be seen in the feature film, “Last Vegas,” alongside actors Morgan Freeman,Robert DeNiro, and Michael Douglas. The actor described the film and working alongside these actors:

“It’s a comedy, and basically an old man version of ‘The Hangover.’ Picture that! It may not be AS crazy as ‘The Hangover,’ but it will be crazy. Michael Douglas is about to get married to a younger bride. Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Robert DeNiro play his best friends, and they go to Las Vegas to party and try to talk him out of it. In the movie, I had one scene where Freeman, Kline, and Douglas try to get into this younger club. I stopped them from coming in. The director loved what I did with it, and called me the next day. He goes, ‘What are you doing today?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You tell me.’ They did this nine times! So, it went from one scene to nine scenes in the movie! We had so much fun on the set, and all of these guys are such pros.”

Download the rest of the podcast below to hear more with Michael Beasley talk about meeting Robert DeNiro for the first time, as well as taking part of the “Steel Magnolias” remake on Lifetime and how Denzel Washington gave him the name, “King of Hollywood South.”

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