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  1. Just wanted to say check out award winning post apocalyptic drama, Drifter Series, at
    Season 1-Drifter: Broken Road
    Season 1.5 – Drifter: Off the Beaten Path (COMIC BOOK)
    Season 2 – Drifter: Lonesome Highway

    “Atmospheric, brooding, and violent, Drifter: Lonesome Highway is a frightening vision of an American future we can hope will never come true. This isn’t just a web movie … it’s also a warning.”
    -Allen Steele
    Hugo Award Winning Author

    “Graphic, grimy, and gripping. Buckle your seat belts Drifter fans, because Season 2 is non stop crazy.”
    ~Michael Caruso~
    Producer of DeVanity

    ‘The explicit pairing of tense and searing country blues slide guitar with an aural, tribal drum and acoustic rhythms creates an anxious and emotional world of it’s own.”
    -Matt Marshall, American Blues Scene Magazine
    On the Music of Drifter: Lonesome Highway
    Original Music By: Michael Brasier
    Featuring: Ryan Hamilton Baker & Joel Miller

    “This show has great writing, an intriguing story and kick ass women…what more do you need?”
    -April Grant
    Indie Intertube

    “These strong female characters in this series are a breath of fresh air .”
    Larry Litle

    “She’s back and she”s still a bad ass. This time though, there’s someone one the other side who may be her equal – or better”
    – Jeffrey Siniawsky – Webvee Guide

    “Drifter: Lonesome Highway is Gritty and Compelling storytelling with a rocking soundtrack!”
    ~Paul Awad –
    Director of Thurston – The Western Web Series

    “Bigger, tougher and more badass”
    -Matt Smolen-
    Director/Producer of Chris & Josh

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