BUZZCast Interviews: Actor STEVEN WEBER Chats “Project Angel Food: Lead with Love” 5th Anniversary Special

The BUZZ sat down and spoke with actor Steven Weber, known for his many roles from, “WINGS,” “Chicago Med,” and one of his earliest roles, “As The World Turns.” This Saturday, Weber will host for the second time, “Project Angel Food: Lead with Love,” special, and it is celebrating five years. Project Angel Food was founded in 1989, and prepares and delivers food to our critically ill men and women in Los Angeles. As of today, 18 million meals have been served, and since 2020, Lead with Love has raised over $4 million!

Below, Weber spoke to us about what is in store for the live event, and how it came about for him to host the yearly special:

NaVell Lee: Steven Weber, how are you?

Steven Weber: Very well. How are you, sir?

NL: Fantastic! Let’s talk about Project Angel Food, for those that don’t know. It’s my understanding that since Lead with Love started in 2020, $4 million dollars has been raised! Incredible!

SW: It is. It’s a testament to how amazing and beautiful this program is, as well as how hard working the volunteers are. It’s a great organization and has done amazing work since 1989. The stats are staggering. More than 2,500 people are fed daily with medically tailored meals, 1.5 million meals are delivered each year, and we just delivered our 18 millionth meal. It’s an incredibly worthy and amazing organization. Not enough superlatives can be used to describe it.

NL: Project Angel Food serves our critically ill men and women with meals. You mentioned that the organization served its 18 millionth meal, and began 35 years ago. Also, there are about 138,000 meals delivered per month. I’m amazed at the work that has been done so far. How did you get involved in this program? I know this is your second year hosting, but how were approached to take part?

SW: I haven’t been involved formally for very long, but I have always had an awareness of Project Angel Food. I think I actually delivered some meals way back in the 1990s. Lead with Love was originally hosted by Jessica Holmes and Eric McCormack. Last year, he couldn’t make it because he is so talented and popular. That’s so hard for me to say out loud. I am forced to say this contractually. I actually despise him and what he stands for.

NL: *laughs*

SW: However, he’s a great guy, and he was unavailable. I was asked, and I jumped in. I like to consider myself as his, “Plus 1,” in terms of careers. So, I will do anything he asks within reason, and we had a fantastic time last year. This year, once again, he was unavailable due to work, and I happily hopped back in.

NL: Well, you couldn’t do any worse with Steven Weber…or maybe better than Steven Weber?

SW: You COULDN’T do worse than me. The irony is you couldn’t do better. I am right at the point between WORSE and BETTER. Career-wise, emotionally, psychologically… I am the perfect man for this job.

NL: *laughs* I have to agree, unfortunately. I may be biased. However, who you are as an actor and a person, I definitely agree.

SW: Well, thank you, but enough about me…

NL: So, this event has a full star-studded lineup…

SW: *laughs*

NL: …we have Jason Alexander, Jewel is set to perform, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Clarkson, the list goes on! Amazing to see who is involved with this special.

SW: We also have a Celebrity Phone Bank. Vivica A. Fox and Jackée Harry will be on the show, Elayne Boosler… and let’s not forget that this is our nuclear bomb of love: CHARRO! She will actually be working the Phone Bank. It’s going to be huge. We are going to be, “Cuchi Cuchi,” all night… Whoops! There goes my maracas spontaneously shaking again!

NL: It happens here on this show, so you are at the perfect place for that.

SW: Absolutely! Jason Alexander, too, will be gracing us. We are going to be doing a special number, believe it or not. It really is going to be a riot. While the show, the cause, and the organization Project Angel Food are wonderful and actively helps people every day, the Lead with Love show is so much fun. We are going to put an emphasis on the, “FUN,” part. Hopefully, everyone will give and also get to continue our mission.

NL: I want to shout out Brad Bessey, who is the executive producer of this again along with Michael Levitt. He’s an incredible human, and there are no words to describe how amazing he is to be doing this.

SW: I agree. He is a great guy. He smells a bit, but he has a heart of gold.

NL: You can get past that. You will be fine.

SW: I will. You have to.

NL: You mentioned before as far as donating, you do not have to wait until Saturday. Throughout the month of June, if you are at Ralphs or Food 4 Less, you can donate by rounding up your purchases. You could be the highest donator for the cause.

SW: Correct, and please donate for your friends or neighbors who are having a tough time staying healthy or making ends meet, Project Angel Food is there. You would be helping that.

NL: “Project Angel Food: Lead with Love” 5 Year Anniversary Special airs Saturday, June 22nd, at 7 PM PST on KTLA 5. This can also be streamed on Roku and online, I believe?

SW: Yes, it will be streaming all over the place, and it will be live. We have, once again, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Clarkson, Jean Smart, John Stamos and Lori Loughlin for a, “Full House,” reunion. Lots of things happening!

NL: I want to shout out our, “Knots Landing,” ladies as they will be reuniting there as well: Donna Mills, Michele Lee, and Joan Van Ark. Finally, also appearing is our recent Lifetime Achievement Award winner from this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards, Melody Thomas Scott.

SW: Yes, they will!

NL: I am looking forward to watching and happy you stopped by to chat about it. Steven, an absolute pleasure, thank you!

SW: Thank you, NaVell, for your support as always.

For those that would like to download the full audio podcast, you can do so by clicking on the player above.

Aside from KTLA 5, viewers will be able to stream “Project Angel Food: Lead with Love” special on Roku, Samsung, Apple TV, YouTube, Facebook, X, and the Project Angel Food website.

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