Christian LeBlanc
Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is known to many soap audiences as Michael Baldwin on CBS Daytime‘s “The Young and the Restless.” The actor takes on a new role as producer in the new Nickelodeon series, “Deadtime Stories.” The show, which debuts on October 3 at 8 PM, combines horror and humor for ages 7 and up.


“The series is based off of a number of books written by Annette and Gina Cascone put out years ago. I was approached to help produce a film version. The first episode is called, ‘Grave Secrets,’ and we did a movie as well. There also will be an episodic version which will air this Halloween, which is great. The series is geared to ages 7 and up, it’s not gory or horrifying, but it’s a family affair. Dianne Ladd and Ashley Jones, who also co-produced it, also star in it, and Ashley and I play the parents in the movie. It sort of a thrill because everyone worked so hard and so long, and we did this ages ago. Nickelodeon bought the whole series, and in the first episode as well as the movie, I am a producer. RESPECT THAT!”

This Sunday, October 6, “Grave Secrets (film)”will premiere at the San Diego Film Festival, which will have LeBlanc and Ladd in attendance. He spoke about taking on the role of producer for the two projects and how he was able to bring it to life:

“I liked getting involved in this project because it was something I could help on. I was not sole producer, which took a lot off my back. I love the thought of making something you believe in, or helping someone make whatever they are passionate about, come about. Crystal (Chappell) actually put it well. She said, ‘I like making dreams come true.’ That really is part of it, and I feed off that energy. I love people who can talk the talk, but they can walk the walk. In this town, it’s a rare thing, and it’s a wonderful thing. You know, it’s interesting to see your profession from the other side of the table. Mainly, I was taking people around to set, and checking on people to the point where I was called to set. I was like, ‘Oh my, gosh, my lines!’ I forced a little kid to run lines with me. I am not used to being the ‘hyphen’ guy…producer-actor. Heaven knows how Crystal does it with director-producer-actor-writer. Producer-actor almost got me screwed up because at the last minute, I realized I was being called to set. I was hurrying through hair and makeup and running to the set, grabbing kids to run lines with me. It wasn’t pretty. *laughs*”

While he is not producing, fans can watch him weekdays on “Y&R” as Michael Baldwin, a husband who is trying to keep his family together after several obstacles came their way. This past year, the Baldwins have dealt with their son being involved in a bullying situation, Lauren cheating on her husband with another man, and now facing the fallout from those actions. Christian spoke about performing that story arc with co-starsTracey Bregman and Max Ehrich:

“Throwing someone like Max at you, and you already have Tracey, I am just in a pot of jam. They are just rocking these storylines. All I have to do is walk into the room, pay attention, and I got a performance. It’s stunning to me, especially with Max. He is such a talent. I’ll tell you, I remember looking at people who have been doing shows for 15 or 20 years, and thinking how do you do that. You do it because the writers keep you interested. I work really hard at it, too, but they never let the history go with Michael, or the Baldwins for that moment.  They make it make sense. The infidelity is important because for five years, Michael and Lauren had this difficult, but wonderful, relationship. These are two adults, not two kids, with dark pasts. You have an investment when the marriage is at risk. People seem to really respond and get worked up. The writers were smart and made the effects long-lasting.”

We spoke with Christian more about “Grave Secrets,” “Deadtime Stories,” and “Y&R” in the full podcast interview.

“Deadtime Stories” premieres Thursday, October 3, 2013 with two episodes at 8 PM on Nickelodeon. The episode entitled, “Grave Secrets,” will air Halloween night at 8:30. Fans in the area can go to the San Diego Film Festival on Sunday, October 6 at 2 PM PT to see the film version premiere of “Grave Secrets.”

Also, this Wednesday, October 2, Christian, as well as Max Ehrich and Tracey Bregman, will be live-tweeting the east coast airing of “Y&R” at 12:30 PM ET/9:30 AM PT. Follow all three on their Twitter accounts at:

– @CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc)

– @TraceyBregman (Tracey Bregman)

– @MaxEhrich (Max Ehrich)

To download the full audio content with Christian LeBlanc, click on the player below:

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