BUZZCast Interviews: Erniel Baez of MGM+ Series “Hotel Cocaine”

“Hotel Cocaine” Week continues at The BUZZ this week as Erniel Baez stops by to chat about his character, Ray Dorado. Ray makes his debut in the upcoming episode that drops this Sunday, and Baez describes him as someone with street smarts, charismatic, but very dangerous. One thing that we did reveal is that after this episode, it is going to get even more intense up to the finale.

Baez spoke with us about what attracted him to not only the show but also to the character of Ray Dorado. He spoke with us on reading up on the history of, “The Mutiny Hotel,” Roman Compte, Ray, and how he used those facets and incorporated it into his portrayal of the character. We even got deeper in the conversation about Cuban representation in the series and working alongside actors of the Cuban/Cuban American culture.

So much insight and worthwhile conversation that you definitely want to hear!

“Hotel Cocaine” airs new episodes every Sunday at 9 PM ET on MGM+.

Watch the full interview with Erniel Baez below, or download the podcast from the player above:

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