BUZZCast Interviews: Don Mike of MGM+ Series “Hotel Cocaine”

The BUZZ is kicking off “Hotel Cocaine” week with Don Mike who plays Omar on the MGM+ series. Omar works at the The Mutiny Hotel and is described as the suave, hip, and cool man of the club scene. The actor spoke with us about the Los Angeles premiere of the show which took place last month, reconnecting with cast members, and watching the pilot on the big screen.

While Omar may not have a big story occurring at the moment, we did speak about what we would like to see for him if/when the series is picked up for a second season. Mike and I dove deep into what kind of backstory we would like to potentially see for Omar, especially during the time period the series takes place. He also talked with us about how people did not recognize him when he came back to filming the series after the strikes were over. Find out exactly how this topic came up!

After talking with Mike about how he got into the acting field, we both had a very insightful conversation (with me getting on my soapbox a bit) about diversity in television and how we need more in front AND behind the camera telling stories.

Watch the full interview with Don Mike below, or download the audio podcast from the player above:

“Hotel Cocaine” drops new episodes Sundays at 9 PM ET on MGM+.

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