Oscar Winner Jeremy Irons Joins Cast of Apple+ Series “The Morning Show”


Alex Levy’s father is making his way home, and who knows what he brings with him. Oscar winning actor Jeremy Irons joins the cast of, “The Morning Show,” for its upcoming fourth season. Irons will play the role of Martin Levy, and it marks his return to television in a starring role since 2022’s, “The Pentaverate.”

Season four will have a time jump of two years after the season three finale, which saw Bradley be taken into custody by the FBI. The finale also showed the comeuppance of Paul Marks as the crew of TMS realized he was behind the hacking of the station. In addition to Irons, Marion Cotillard will also be joining the cast for this upcoming season.

Irons won his Oscar for his role in the film, “Reversal of Fortune.” His other work includes, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “The Beekeeper,” “The Man in the Iron Mask,” “House of Gucci,” plus others. His voiceover work as, Scar, from the Disney movie, “The Lion King,” garnered such praise from critics and viewers, and the film recently celebrated its 30th anniversary since debuting in theaters.

TVLine was the first to break the news that, “The Morning Show,” was looking to cast the role of Alex’s father.

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