MARVEL Studios Reveal “Fantastic Four” Banner at San Diego Convention Center

Photo Credit: Rob Paladino

Fans have been wondering if MARVEL would be returning to San Diego Comic-Con this year, and it looks like we may be getting our wish after all.

It was recently unveiled at the Convention Center a banner featuring the characters of, “The Fantastic Four.” The movie itself is set to premiere next July, but filming begins shortly after Comic-Con. It would make sense for the upcoming cast of the film to make an appearance, including the president of MARVEL Studios, Kevin Feige.

However, what would probably make fans even more excited for MARVEL would be for promotion of “Deadpool & Wolverine,” as the movie premieres during Comic-Con weekend. Could there be a potential sighting of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds?

Only time will tell…

What do you think of the artwork that was unveiled for MARVEL/The Fantastic Four?

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