ATX TV Festival Interviews: Tom Blyth & Donald De Line of MGM+ “Billy the Kid”

The Buzz recently attended the 13th season of the ATX TV Festival. Taking place in Austin, TX, this event celebrates the best in television with panel discussions, screenings of current and upcoming programs, and even table readings. What sets it apart from the rest is the opportunity to connect with other TV lovers and appreciate the medium.

Actor Tom Blyth and executive producer Donald De Line spoke with us about what has happened so far in the series and gave a little tease on what’s ahead for the second half of season two. We touched on William H. Bonney’s (aka Billy the Kid) friendship with Segura from season one and if we would like to see him return in some type of capacity. Blyth gave us some insight on how he prepared for the role of Billy and the complex relationship between him and Jesse Evans (Daniel Webber). Finally, what is in store for Billy and his love, Dulcinea (Nuria Vega)?

Watch the interview below to find out that and much more!

Part 2 of the second half of season two’s, “Billy the Kid,” premiered Sunday, June 2nd, on MGM+.

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