“Days of our Lives” Star Arianne Zucker Sues Show’s Producers for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Arianne Zucker, who has played vixen Nicole Walker on and off since 1998 on “Days of our Lives,” is suing the show’s executive producer Ken Corday, former executive producer Albert Alarr, and Corday Productions, Inc. The actress alleges that Alarr sexually harassed her and other female employees at the show, according to TMZ.

Zucker claims that Alarr would sometimes pull her close to his chest and make sexual moans while doing so. She also stated that he would make sexually suggestive remarks, including saying he would want to, “switch positions,” with her co-stars during filming of a sex scene.

It was also noted that Corday Productions, Inc. were made aware of the sexual misconduct, however nothing was done. Zucker would eventually meet with the HR department between March and June of last year, as well as contacting SONY, and stated she felt “violated and intimidated,” as Alarr was able to continue working on the show.

While Alarr was fired in August of 2023, Zucker feels this was a move to, “save face,” as his allegations became public knowledge. She is suing for harassment, discrimination, retaliation, negligent hiring and supervision, and wrongful termination.

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