BUZZCast Interviews: Matt Ogens & ‘Kachi Benson Chat “MADU” Documentary

Matt Ogens & ‘Kachi Benson

Our coverage of this year’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) continues as we sat down with Matt Ogens and ‘Kachi Benson, who directed the documentary, “MADU.” The story follows Anthony Madu, who leaves his family in Nigeria to study ballet in England. Young Anthony garnered attention from a 44-second video that went viral in 2020, where he was seen ballet dancing.

We spoke with Ogens and Benson on capturing the nuances that viewers could not help but feel what Anthony was going through. We talked about how ballet is not accepted in Nigeria and about finding acceptance. This film will resonate with many if you are trying to achieve your dream(s) but are faced with struggles and obstacles that you never thought could happen.

The documentary was the opening night premiere at SBIFF, and will stream on Disney+ starting March 29, 2024.

Watch the video interview below, or download the podcast from above.

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