Arianne Zucker on “Days of our Lives” Recent Allegations: “Just Hang Tight”

Arianne Zucker

As fans continue to express their support for the cast and crew of, “Days of our Lives,” one notable cast member took to their social media to acknowledge that she sees the appreciation.

Arianne Zucker, who plays Nicole Walker on the Peacock soap, recently posted on her Instagram thanking fans for their love and support. Her statement can be seen below:

Zucker is the latest actor at “DAYS” to speak up. Previously, Lisa Rinna and Peter Reckell released statements on the allegations that were presented against co-executive producer Albert Alarr. A nine-week investigation took place, which resulted in Alarr having to undergo training and receiving a written warning.

To read the initial report on Alarr, click HERE.

Stay with The BUZZ as this story continues.

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