BUZZ’s BLIND ITEMS! What We Know…and Can’t Tell You!

shushIt’s that time of year again. Rumor has it that one of the core 4 soaps is about to experience some cast cuts from its bloated cast. No word on when/if this will occur, but I am sure it will get the Interwebs talking.

Keep it locked at The BUZZ when we learn more…

7 thoughts on “BUZZ’s BLIND ITEMS! What We Know…and Can’t Tell You!

  1. Please let it be GH…I already have my list ready to go.

    Lucas – a recast would work for me as well

    …see how easy that was?

  2. YR? That cast is too big and too many talented vets are getting no story while FOJs and newbies eat the show alive. Time for a shakedown.

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