Josh Griffith OUT/Ryan Quan IN as Co-Headwriter at “Days of our Lives”

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In what was considered a shocking move by many, Josh Griffith has decided to leave his co-headwriting duties on NBC’s “Days of our Lives.” He joined the writing team this time last year, along with Dena Higley who still remains co-headwriter.

Soap Digest has reported that Ryan Quan has been bumped up to co-headwriter. The show released the following statement to SOD:

“Days of our Lives is pleased to announce that staff writer Ryan Quan has joined co-head writer Dena Higley to form a new head writing team. Josh Griffith has left the show to pursue other projects and interests, and we wish him the best.”

Griffith has many writing credits in daytime under his belt. He is known for his work on “One Life to Live,” “Sunset Beach,” “Santa Barbara,” and “The Young and the Restless.”

What do you think of the latest headwriter switch?

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