BLOGCast Interviews: Pierson Fodé and Ashleigh Brewer of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Ashleigh Brewer and Pierson Fodé
Ashleigh Brewer and Pierson Fodé

As we continue our BLOGCast interviews from the pop-up fan event for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” we then had the pleasure of speaking with Pierson Fodé (Thomas Forrester) and Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester). We spoke with Fodé about the premiere of his movie, “Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List,” and how the term, “MURDER,” became such a sensation for Brewer!

NaVell J. Lee: You’re a very busy man these days! 

Pierson Fodé: I just trying to keep up with Ashleigh, really!

NJL: Well, you are in New York for press on your movie, correct?

PF: Yes! “Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.” It’s out on September 18th. It’s going to be wild. It’s fun, too, and I’m excited.

NJL: Ashleigh, what’s funny and interesting with you is that, on social media, we sort of wish the Aly video wasn’t over with. Now, we can’t hear you say…

Ashleigh Brewer: MURDER! (laughs) Everyone now says that! I kind of hear it myself, and I go, “Oh!” We were actually doing one of the Twitter feeds, and I actually repeated it in my Australian accent as if I don’t have the accent. I was saying, “…something MURDER…” and I stopped and said, “No, Ashleigh, you DO sound like that!” People don’t find it funny when you try to be Australian. (laughs)

PF: That’s actually kind of awesome!

AB: It was like, “Hey, how’s my accent?” “No, that IS your accent!”

NJL: It’s amazing how that one word turned into a catchphrase for you.

AB: It’s kind of funny. It’s like when a cat is in a house full of dogs, they start thinking of themselves as a dog. It’s sort of like that! I think I am American now, because I’m around you so much.

PF: She doesn’t realize she has an accent still, so she is doing funny slips here and there. (laughs)

NJL: Are you actually worried you are going to lose the accent over time?

AB: Sometimes, I do. However, the accent is so strong that I think I am safe. It depends on who I am speaking to. I’ll really mimic it sometimes. It just happens. You know, American accents aren’t harsh to me anymore because I am used to hearing it. Anyway, that was long! (laughs)

PF: Hey, I enjoyed it!

NJL: It made my job easy! Speaking of which, I enjoyed your character using the term, “Resting bitch face.”

AB: That was fun!

PF: It was. I actually wrote that line in there.

NJL: HA! I am sure you did!

PF: (laughs) I couldn’t resist.

NJL: What was it like, for both of you, when you came onto the show? How was the reception from cast, crew, etc?

AB: Oh, it was great. I always considered myself so lucky. I got to travel with them to Paris as soon as I started. I got to know everyone on a really cool level. When you travel like that, you have time to bond. In terms of getting into the show and how that went, it was pretty seamless. You, Pierson, felt the same as well.

PF: No, they hated me my first day! They threw garbage in my dressing room every day! 

AB: It was just our initiation phase. 

PF: Ashleigh’s the worst of them all. She terrorizes me all the time!

NJL: (to Ashleigh) You actually have done a soap before prior to joining “B&B,” correct?

AB: I did. I was on “Neighbours” in Australia for six years. 

NJL: I am sure it helped stepping in to a new soap role with the prior role.

AB: In terms of the work, it was great to step back in and do that again.

NJL: How is the pacing between the two soaps.

AB: “Bold” is definitely faster. We shoot eight episodes a week, and “Neighbours” only does five episodes a week.

NJL: You both have settled into the show very nicely, especially you, Pierson. I know we talked before about adjusting to it.

PF: Yeah, totally.It took a minute, but I am finally there. It’s great.


Our final chat is with Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer Forrester). Stay tuned!


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