BLOGCast Interviews: Linsey Godfrey and Thorsten Kaye of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Linsey Godfrey and Thorsten Kaye
Linsey Godfrey and Thorsten Kaye

Our final chat at the pop-up fan event in New York features Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer Forrester). The characters of Ridge and Caroline got married, so to speak, in an intimate setting on Monday’s episode. Is this story taking on a familiar tone between Ridge/Caroline/Thomas? We spoke with the two about working together, and how the coupling known as “CaRidge” has taken off!

NaVell J. Lee: Linsey, so great to finally meet you!

Linsey Godfrey: Thank you! Same to you!

NJL: What’s it like working off of one another?

LG: I love working with this one next to me! He’s one of my most favorite people to work with. He really is one of the best actors in daytime.

Thorsten Kaye: Wow! I’ll take that! I’ll even go to say that she is the BEST actress in daytime.

LG: Awwwww! 

NJL: We definitely promised to give her a shout, Thorsten, but Diane Nilsen sent her, “HELLO’s,” to you!

TK: Well, tell her I said, “Hey!”

NJL: And, your cake was delicious!

LG: Oh, good! I didn’t get to eat it! All I had was the frosting.

NJL: Awww, but you look great! You have come a long way since the accident. Was it your idea to bring this to the show?

LG: They kind of asked me, and I said, “Yes, definitely!” I wanted to go back to work as soon as possible. They put it in the story, which I was grateful for.

NJL: Were you both surprised at how everyone showed support for the “CaRidge” pairing? Everyone fell in love.

LG: I was very pleased that everybody like it so much. I was very excited about it, at least.

TK: I was, too. Someone actually said that if you looked at it on paper, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. You have this old guy and beautiful young woman together.

NJL: I mean, it DOES make sense in a way. Eric did the same thing with Brooke Logan, as well as Ridge. The apple isn’t falling too far from that tree. Eric had a vasectomy when married to Sheila Carter, and Ridge had one done, too…

TK: Ha…you know more about the show than I do!

NJL: Point taken!

TK: Speaking of John McCook, he is a really good guy. He sets the tone for our show. I’m not exactly sure who that was at “All My Children,” but John sets that tone. When a new actor walks in, you know what the rules are because of what he does. That’s John.

LG: John sets the “home” feel of our show. He’s so gentle, welcoming, and there is no ego with him.

TK: Not at all.

NJL: Linsey, you have been on the show for about three years?

LG: Yes, just about three years.

NJL: Thorsten, you are at two years.

TK: Almost at two…mostly a year and a half.

NJL: What has been your biggest takeaway from joining the show? What do you love most about it?

TK: I love THIS. I love the story we’re telling. I really do. It’s stories like this that gives guys, like me, hope.

NJL: (laughs) How about you, Linsey? Same thing?

LG: I love working with this one, again. Everyone here is my family. I’m just grateful for all of those things.


What a fantastic group of actors who joined the pop-up fan event in NYC for “The Bold and Beautiful.” Many thanks to all of those who spoke with us here at THE BUZZ, and thanks to the fans for sharing that Monday with us. We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did with you all!

You can catch “The Bold and the Beautiful” every weekday on CBS Daytime, and weeknights on Pop! Check your local listings.

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