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Music artist Lino has recently released his new album, “Cascadia.” This album consists of more instruments and classical jazz.

Lino’s long awaited follow-up to “Miami Jam” is a triumphant collection of original instrumentals featuring acoustic, classical and jazz guitars uniquely layered with sax, strings, keyboards and percussion. Borrowing from a wide variety of musical genres, “Cascadia” marks his fourth release and delivers fresh new compositions with this signature style we call “Lino Music”


Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Lino graduated college with two degrees (History and Pre-Med.) from Miami University of Ohio. But Lino’scalling has always been to compose and perform music, so after college he moved to Los Angeles to do what he loves most.

Lino began studying guitar at the age of nine with classical master, George Bachmann. During his high school years, he was naturally drawn to rock music, although it never diverted him from his interest in classical. “I was very lucky to have been instructed in classical music before I ventured into the rock realm,” Lino explains. “It made me a well-rounded musician and gave me a lot to draw from as a composer later on. I learned to appreciate all styles of music, instead of just focusing on one particular genre.”  This is evident in Lino’s incredibly unique and versatile layering of guitars in combination with acoustic and classical instruments and his bold blending of musical styles. And it’s what makes his music so distinctive. “This style of music is very personal and exciting for me because it is the most honest music I have ever recorded. I don’t try to accommodate the latest trends in a particular musical style or write music that would comfortably fit into a particular existing format,” Lino explains.

In September 2006, Lino released his third CD, entitled “Miami Jam”. Lino’s guitar-based instrumentals with strong influences of smooth jazz, classical and world music follow his tradition of using layers of guitars accompanied by sax, flute, cello, violin and piano. This unique style continues with this phenomenal follow-up to his previous releases “Return to Avalon” and “Satin Blue”.

Miami Jam (released by Splash Entertainment/EverSound), which features a cover of Mason Williams’ Classical Gas, received rave reviews and charted well on NAR (#19 within two weeks of its release). Return to Avalon reached #11 on NAR within a month of its release received NAC airplay (through NAC Record Promoter, Roger Lifeset-Peer Pressure Promotion) as well as DMX, MUZAK and Soundscapes. Satin Blue reached recognition in the top 40 NAV charts within a month of its release with the title track receiving NAC airplay nationwide as well as features on DMX, MUZAK, Soundscapes, previously on The Weather Channel and cable music stations. Music from all three releases is being targeted for placement in major motion pictures, television and cable programming.

Lino Music is a departure from his previous rock recordings, which include Seven Skys, a pop/rock project (Zero Records, released in Asia, 1996); 88 Crash, a heavy modern rock album (MTM Metal, released in Europe, summer, 2001), and V33, a raw mix of modern, industrial and techno rock.  Lino’s rock projects receive heavy placement in cable, television and independent film projects. 

Lino’s composing skills are also in demand in the television and film industry.  Lino also enjoys writing for local television and film production and recording and producing other artists in his own J-Wolf Studios located in Bend, OR. In addition, Lino performs on other artist’s recordings, most recently for (SAGA lead singer) Michael Sadler’s solo release Clear (michaelsadler.com).

When Lino isn’t working on music, you’ll find him on a local lake or river – his love for fishing is primarily what brought him to Central Oregon.  Writing is another outlet for his creativity and what led him to complete a manuscript for a Sci-Fi thriller called “Terminus”. Lino currently resides in Bend, Oregon.

For more information about Lino and his music, visit his website at http://linomusic.com

Download the full podcast with Lino above.

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