Meet the New Paul Hornsby! Richard Burgi Joins “General Hospital”

Richard Burgi
Richard Burgi

A blast from Tracy Quartermaine’s past is back this week, and fans have been speculating online just exactly who it was going to be. At the conclusion of Tuesday’s episode, viewers saw this mysterious man make his way to Tracy, only for it to be revealed on today’s air show that he was none other than Paul Hornsby!

Actor Richard Burgi has been cast in the role of Tracy’s ex, and Dillon Quartermaine’s father, taking over the role once play by Paul Satterfield. Burgi is known to many soap audiences for his role on “Another World” as Chad Rollo. He would then head to “As The World Turns” as Grant Harrington, “One Life to Live” as Randy Stone, and “Days of our Lives” as Phillip Collier.

His primetime credits include, “Desperate Housewives,” “Body of Proof,” “One Tree Hill,” “Devious Maids,” and “Blue Bloods.”

So, why is Paul Hornsby back after a 21 year absence? Rest assured, folks, that Tracy Quartermaine is not a pleased woman!

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