Is JOSH BOWMAN Wanting a “REVENGE” Exit?

Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman

William Keck of TV Guide Magazine hinted earlier this week that a certain cast member of ABC’s “Revenge” was itching to make an exit. He would soon reveal that it is possible that Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) wants to exit the primetime soap, unless a shakeup changes for his character by next season.

Bowman tells TV Guide:

“I’m trying to pitch a Daniel death by the end of the season. I love working on the show, but I’m just being honest. My character has flip-flopped the most, and it’s been so hard for me to play.”

The article goes on to say that if Daniel lives another day, let alone season, Bowman wants him to be a true villain that is worse than Conrad, and feels that is the only way his character can stay around.

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What do you think? Could “Revenge” survive with Daniel/Josh in the Hamptons?

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