Podcast #587: Daniel Goddard & Christel Khalil of “The Young and the Restless”

Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard/Photo Credit: CBS
Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard/Photo Credit: CBS


Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil play the popular couple of Cane and Lily Ashby on CBS Daytime’s “The Young and the Restless.” The couple, who have been given the name “LANE” for their mesh name, have had their share of ups and downs in recent. Most notably, Lily has learned the truth about her brother’s affair with her father’s wife…and her own husband keeping the secret from her. I had the chance to catch up with both Goddard and Khalil and speak with them about filming the revelation scenes, as well as the plane crash sequence that began earlier this week. Take a look at the interview below (and can listen to full podcast by downloading audio above):

Na’Vell J. Lee: What an incredible way to start off this week with ‘Flirt with Disaster.’ The truth about the affair has come out, and not only that, Lily’s own husband kept the truth from her. I do want to talk about filming the plane crash later, but Daniel, what do you think was Cane’s motivation for keeping this secret from Lily this entire time? The two have been working on their relationship to not have secrets from each other, and he keeps this big one from her. Why do you feel he did this?

Daniel Goddard: Cane hates keeping the big one from her, but when he has to, he does it for the right reasons. I think that he knew the fallout from this would have been catastrophic. You will see this in the days to come. His sole plan was to not hurt Lily. He knows this will break the family up. I think he is aware of the consequences of this. The affair will tear the Winters family apart, and that’s the last thing he wanted to see happen. Cane is prepared to harbor the wrath of Tiger Lily.

NJL: Do you think, Christel, that Cane and Lily will be able to bounce back from this, or will it take time?

Christel Khalil: I hope we don’t bounce back from this.

NJL: You don’t??!!

CK: (laughs) Just kidding! I don’t know what’s going to happen. I think they might try to play out for a little bit. Maybe it will take a while for forgiveness to happen, and then who knows.

NJL: Well, first they have to find you!

CK: They did! They found me today!

NJL: I didn’t watch today. Thanks for ruining it.

CK: Oh, you’re welcome!

NJL: (laughs) I want to talk about the plane crash. What was it like filming this? We saw the behind-the-scenes footage a few days ago. How was it doing this now, because I believe that last stunt you guys did was the church steps four years ago.

CK: Yeah! It took us about three or four days to film it. It was fun because we don’t get to do something like that. It was nice to be on set for that long, and really get creative with it, and had fun with it. It’s something that only happens once a while. I had a good time.

DG: It was one of those things where you do different things, and you get to play all the aspects and angles that come with it. The guys did a great job building the set. The crew was fantastic. I think Lily (Christel) brought some of the best work she has ever done. Her being mad at Cane is pretty powerful. However, it was not as good as her slapping Devon (Bryton) in the eardrum!

NJL: You slapped him for real, I heard!

DG: DUDE! It sounded like a tree broke! I mean, it just went CRACK!

CK: He told me I could slap him! 

DG: Yea, but not to hit him in the eardrum.

CK: I didn’t mean to hit him in the ear. That was an accident.


CK: I didn’t realize how long my arms were.


NJL: I just think that you were just really into the scene.

CK: I was. It was awesome. It was fun slapping someone. It felt really good.

DG: Didn’t you slap me before? It was in the love shack room..

CK: I didn’t really slap you, though!

NJL: I am looking forward to seeing how Lily is going to deal with Devon and Hilary. Lily has always hated this woman ever since she came into the Winters family life. Her own brother shacking up with this woman, and making a fool out of her dad, I want to see more from that. What can you say?

CK: Hmm, what can I say? It will be a lot of…what’s the word? It’s going to be explosive!

DG: We want to hear back from the fans. It’s one of the things we love. It’s good to get response back and hear what they think. It will be curious to see how it plays out down the line.

NJL: You did a Facebook chat today with the fans. What was your consensus from that? 

DG: They kind are mad that Cane and Lily didn’t hook up on the plane.

NJL: The mile high club? Is that what we were going with this?

DG: Yep. I mean, that is what I got from what I read! I think people like it, and everything going on now. Between the Underground, the cabin, the plane crash, and the toilet being blown off Crimson Lights, it has been good.

NJL: What has it been like working alongside Charles Pratt? We’re seeing a lot of buzz, pun intended, especially with the last few shows. We had been pumping it up the last couple of days.

DG: Chuck is a great addition to the show. He brings an incredible amount of experience. He brings primetime experience, and has a wealth of successful shows on his resume. You can instantly feel when he came to the show the positivity, the vibe and mood change. Everybody is really excited where the show is going. It’s a good time over here at CBS and “The Young and the Restless.” We’re lucky to have him here. He’s a fantastic writer, and a great man as well.

CK: I completely agree. We have storylines that get people interested again. For a while there, I think it got a little steady for a bit. Now, this is a jump start to get the fans excited, and have something fun going on. I am really happy with everything.

DG: What I like about Chuck, too, is that he has a pace he writes at. The stories don’t have a chance to sit there and stagnate. He pushes storyline forward. You see a lot of people saying, “We love the storyline, but it’s going long. Can we move along?” I believe Chuck understands that. That goes back to saying about that wealth of knowledge that he has, as well as the experience. He is able to keep an audience attached. 

NJL: Another point I wanted to touch on was the fact I am glad to see Cane getting into Chancellor Industries. That has been very good to get him back into business.

DG: It is good. I know that he’ll (Pratt) balance out the business life and family life well. That is why people watch this show. It has a good balance of story. I think he will bring that back to the show. As I said, there is very strong sense of camaraderie and rapport that has been amongst the cast, but it’s now stronger than ever.

NJL: I am looking forward to seeing what is coming up with you both on the show. I can’t wait.

CK: It’s going to be good!

DG: Yes, keep watching. Once again, the Lane/Cane/Lily fans, all of the fans, we appreciate you. Without you, we wouldn’t have a job, a show, and not being able to do what we love. It means so much to us.

NJL: What do you have to say to the fans, Christel? I saw on Instagram that you guys got presents?

DG: Yea, that was awesome! To all the Lane fans, thank you so much for the Valentine’s Day gifts…

CK: Uh, he asked ME what I think! Thank you!

DG: I was speaking for you!

CK: Anyway…(laughs)…

NJL: I don’t envy you putting up with him.

CK: That is what everyone says to me. I just tell them it’s like wrangling a mountain lion. (laughs) We are just so appreciative of the fans being so accommodating with the presents, support, and being very vocal about what they like. We are very thankful for them.

DG: Keep the love coming, and the love flows back. It’s a two-way street. Much love.

NJL: Thank you guys so much for stopping by. Christel, great to have you back, as it has been a while since we did this. Daniel, as always, we love having you here, and you’re always welcome here.

DG: Great talking to you, mate!

CK: Thank you so much for having us! Take care!

Make sure to give Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil on Twitter at: @DanielGoddard and @christeladnana.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS Daytime, and weeknights on POP.

One thought on “Podcast #587: Daniel Goddard & Christel Khalil of “The Young and the Restless”

  1. Hi Christel and Daniel,


    Christel I hate the way you spoke to Cane after the crash and as he was holding you, you pulled away. Remember he lied for all the right reasons and he ISN’T the reason the family break up, that is down to Devon and Hilary ALONE!!! Even if Cane had told everyone earlier, the consequences would have been the same for Neil and them although Cane and Lily would have still been solid. Cane has always been Lily’s knight in shinig armour and last Valentines from what I remeber he was shot trying to save her. I will also never forget how he saved his Tiger Lily from the explosion at Geneviev’s. Come on Chuck, if you’re reading Lily should give Cane a break. He was the only one who went looking for her and he would do anything for her. I tell you if I had a man like Candy Cane I would count my blessings, men like that are hard to find. It also helps that he’s good-looking too.

    I hope Cane and Lily work things out quickly and Devon and Hilary should be made to pay. They make me sick and I don’t want to constantly see them making out. Wasn’t crazy about the storyline anyway. Neil should have found someone his own age in the first place.

    One of my fave Lane moments ever was when Lily had the Cancer and they came back from court after the court battle with Mac to use the baby’s stem cells to save Lily. Cane dropped the case after Lily convinced him to do so. He picked his Tiger Lily up and carried her in again over the threshold pretending they were newlyweds. They talked and he held
    her. She was suddenly in a lot of pain and Cane gave her a glass of water and got her medication from her bag. He then broke down as the reality of losing the love of his life hit him and they embraced again.

    LILY HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ALL OF THAT!!! Come on the guy loves you soooo much and would be lost without you. Please don’t punish him for trying to protect you and do what he thought was best.

    Rant over!
    Kind regards,
    Miss G.
    (London – UK Fan)

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