Podcast #586: The Buzz Learns About “Bros Being Basic”

Bros Being Basic
Bros Being Basic

We have all seen the pictures of girls on Instagram and on Facebook consisting of the gym selfie, selfies with their pumpkin spice lattes, and the famous duckface selfie. This has taken on a term of its own, in which we call these girls, “basic.” What better way to capitalize on that than by showcasing guys mimicking said girls on Instagram? This would soon become an internet sensation called, “Bros Being Basic.”

Travis and Ashley, who started the “Bros Being Basic” accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, has garnered so much media attention from BuzzFeed, Time, Gawker, and more, for the way they show off guys doing normal basic activities that classify girls for being simply basic. Whether it’s them wearing North Face, walking around in their Ugg boots, or a pedicure picture, the bases are covered here.

Travis told us exactly how the idea of creating the accounts came to life:

“Ashley owns a blog entitled, ‘Witty and Pretty,’ and she writes about everything, pretty much. It’s also hilarious. She came up with the idea, and asked me for help. I rounded up a bunch of my guy friends this past Thanksgiving 2014, and we took pictures of them acting basic. Ashley did the blog, and it started to pick up. She got a TON of views. I called her and said, ‘We should start an Instagram account, and it will be hilarious.’ We already have a lot of material as it is, and most of my guy friends are pretty much basic anyway. Plus, I have had a pair of Ugg boots since I lived New York. So, no, I didn’t just buy a pair of Ugg boots just for this. I love them. We’ve been doing this since November, and we now have close to 200,000 followers. It’s amazing!”


Fashion Dads
Fashion Dads

If you thought “Bros Being Basic” was hysterical enough, the duo started another account for both Instagram and Twitter, called, “Fashion Dads.” If you ever watched “SNL,” and saw the JCPenney parody about, “Mom Jeans,” this is somewhat similar to that. Photos are sent in of dads in their typical old dad gear, whether it is of the Sketchers sneakers and windbreakers. You cannot mistake them for being a dad. Also, the captions are done as if a fashion magazine editor was giving the rundown on the latest trends in Hollywood.

I literally laughed out of my chair!

So much I learned about being basic, and it seems, as Ashley put it, it is officially now cool to be as such!

Check out “Bros Being Basic” on Instagram at: brosbeingbasic.

And check out “Fashion Dads” on Instagram at: fashiondads_

Download the full podcast with Travis and Ashley as we talked more about why it is cool to be basic!

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