Podcast #585: Jonny Pasvolsky of “Mortdecai”

Jonny Pasvolsky
Jonny Pasvolsky

Jonny Pasvolsky is an Australian actor who is becoming one of America’s next leading men. He can be currently seen in the film, “Mortdecai,” alongside Johnny Depp. Pasvolsky plays the role of Emil, adversary to Depp’s Mortdecai, who has an awesome moustache to boot. The actor spoke with us, who recently returned to the states after promoting the film abroad (when this interview took place), about working with Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ewan McGregor:

“This was a dream come true type of cast. I was also making sure I was learning from them. You don’t get the opportunity to be that close in working with people of that calibur, and you had about five of them right there. It was an incredible experience for me. I had a couple of weeks before I had to get on a plane, and then went on a 23 hour flight to London. I had to go through my mind and try to work out how I was not going to be stunned to the point I can’t work. The great thing is that when I met each of them, they were so grounded, real, and NORMAL. They were beautiful, funny people who love the craft of acting. That is why where they are. The work took over. While I was aware I was working opposite these icons, I felt like I was there working with my best friends. It was just amazing.”

Pasvolsky also gave us the backstory to the character of Emil, and what makes him tick:

“Emil is a Mediterranean revolutionary, which sort of means that he has a culmination of accents. He is also a deeply flawed criminal, which gives him a great comedic context to it, really, for an actor to play. He is man who is trying to make his mark on the world…and he has got a GREAT moustache. This stache was great. They had to comb it, and I even had to ask them, ‘Can we trim it a bit? I don’t think I’m here, and it’s just the stache.’ (laughs) Gwyneth Paltrow’s character says to Depp’s character of Mortdecai, ‘It looks like you got a big vagina on your lip!’ Then, there was other stuff we shot where Johnny and I were close, and he started laughing at that comment to where he sort of gags. It was quite funny. The whole moustache process was a real laugh.”

We continued the podcast where Pasvolsky gave me lessons on how to correctly pronounce his last name. Also, hear what he had to say more about his role in the TV series, “The Moodys,” his inspirations in film and television, and who he would possibly like to work with next.

Download the full podcast with Jonny Pasvolsky below:

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