Podcast #565: Emmy-Nominated Composer JAMES LEVINE

James Levine
James Levine

Emmy-nominated music composer James Levine’s work can be heard in two popular shows, “Glee” and “American Horror Story.” Levine has a long standing history with creator Ryan Murphy, and has also collaborated with him on the FX series, “Nip/Tuck.” The composer spoke with us about learning the news of his Emmy nomination:

“I was very excited. My wife was so nervous, as it was super early here. She said, ‘What is going on? Why are you so excited this early morning?’ I told her, ‘I got nominated for an Emmy!’ I’m pretty thrilled, and my son has a pet gecko that started molting today. It’s a very exciting day around the house. *laughs*”

As previously mentioned, Levine first began working with Murphy during the entire series run of “Nip/Tuck.” He spoke with us about how they began working with one another and how they came to still work with each other to this day:

“When Ryan was starting to do ‘Nip/Tuck’ eleven or twelve years ago, he was looking for a composer. By the grace of God, he heard something I had written and wanted to meet me. He met me, and said, ‘I want you to try to do this,’ and we did it. The rest is history, as they say, and I feel pretty grateful that I worked with him on pretty much all of his shows since. Ryan is a great collaborator, and always pushing the boundaries. Also, he pushes me to go deeper and further, and I’m very grateful for that. It’s very exciting.”

This summer, Levine will be taking part in the “Behind the Music: Crime, Death and Resurrection” panel at Comic-Con this July. He will be joined by Jeff Russo, Dan Licht, Brian Reitzell, and Steve Jablonsky. The panel will be moderated by Christopher Young, and takes place on Thursday, July 24, at 10:30 AM PST in Room 4 at the San Diego Convention Center. For more information on the panel, visit: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/thursday

Download the full podcast below with James Levine where you can hear more about our discussion on “American Horror Story: Coven,” and Comic-Con.

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