Heather Tom
Heather Tom

Daytime Emmy Award winning actress, Heather Tom, plays the role of Katie Logan Spencer on CBS Daytime‘s “The Bold and Beautiful.” The character has had many pitfalls and successes since Tom took over the role, including the storyline where Katie was shot by her own brother, Storm, and received his heart after killing himself.


Now, Katie is having to deal with her own sister, Brooke, sleeping with her husband, Bill. We got to talk with Heather about filming the scenes of the reveal which aired in July:

“It was certainly a long day to shoot, but when you get writing like that and the storyline is just that exciting, you certainly complain as an actor. I was really happy with the way the scenes turned out.”

She continued to talk about how she thinks Katie feels in reference to her relationships with both Bill and Brooke as of now:

“I think Katie understands that Bill is someone who she is going to have in her life for the rest of her life. She is going to have to figure out how to deal with that. As far as her sister, it is just too much. Katie looks at this and goes, ‘OK, you keep saying I pushed you two together.’ While there may be some truth to that, she is still my sister, and he is my husband. Regardless of my actions, this should never be OK. That is where I feel she is coming from, and that she is not going to get over that. The relationship they had is truly damaged by this, but we will see how this will all play out if blood is really thicker than water.”

This past weekend, Heather Tom placed first in the Malibu Triathlon Celebrity participants. We briefly talked a bit about that and her course of training for the event.

Also, HGTV will be airing all 6 episodes of “Renovation Unscripted” beginning at 8 AM on October 6.

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