Podcast #522: Actress VICTORIA ROWELL!

Victoria Rowell
Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell is known to many daytime audiences for playing the role of Drucilla Winters from 1990-2007 on CBS Daytime‘s “The Young and the Restless.” During her time on “Y&R,” she was also seen on the hit primetime series, “Diagnosis Murder,” alongside Dick Van Dyke. After her departure from the daytime soap, Rowell released two books, “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva,” and “The Young and the Ruthless.” Now, she is taking on a new venture entitled, “The Rich and the Ruthless,” a show that is about a soap within a soap. Rowell dished with us about the project and what it is about:

“It’s a comedy about a soap within a soap opera. It’s about a family that refuses to go off the air, and it is written in real time. We see the on-set life of the soap opera world, but we also see what goes on behind the bubbles. At times, there are lights, camera, calamity and claws. There’s laughter, sadness, drama, and dressing room dalliances. They are very colorful characters, and we get to see their families. It’s basically ‘SOAP DISH’ meets ’30 Rock.’”

Rowell has built relationships with many members within the industry since she first started appearing on television in the late 1980s. Using that creative brand, “The Rich and the Ruthless” has sparked an interest with major outlets as well as actors wanting to take part in the project.

“We are not only looking daytime stars, such as Brenda Epperson and Davetta Sherwood, it was great to see and talk with Kimberlin Brown and Quinn Redeker. It was also great to sit down, have a conversation, and break bread with Michelle Stafford after all these years. There’s more to be revealed, but we have also feature film stars that are a part of this. We have Michael Tucci joining the cast, who I worked with for eight years on ‘Diagnosis Murder.’ We have another amazing star who, just today I found out, wants to be a part of this cast. It is an amalgamation of my career and the relationships that I have built. We are all very excited.”

As if that tease wasn’t good enough for you, Victoria let us in on who MAY be making their way to the project for a cameo:

“You heard it here first. My friend, and I mean my friend, Dick Van Dyke, may be making a cameo!”

A Kickstarter campaign for “The Rich and the Ruthless” was launched back in late July, but the campaign has moved to a new home at Indiegogo. In order for the project to be funded, the $50,000 goal must be met by October 28, 2013. To donate, click http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-rich-and-the-ruthless and pledge today. The minimum amount you can donate is $10.

Also, follow Victoria Rowell on Twitter: @VictoriaRowell.

To download the full interview with Victoria, where she discussed more about the concept behind creating “The Rich and the Ruthless,” and taking on comedy more, click the following link: VICTORIA ROWELL INTERVIEW.

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