Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard

For six years, Daniel Goddard has been playing the role of Cane Ashby on CBS Daytime‘s “The Young and the Restless.” While Cane definitely had his share of turmoil in Genoa City, the character has been putting his life, as well as his family, back on track, with a few bumps along the way. While his past may have been checkered, Cane would soon develop standing relationships with several members of Genoa City, including Jill Abbott Fenmore and Katherine Chancellor.

The town of Genoa City was rocked by the death of Kay, and within the next several weeks, fans will see just how their lives will be changed because of it. Goddard gave a little tease of what the viewers can expect very soon:

“There’s a huge story coming up. The reveal of Katherine Chancellor’s will happens, and after that, the drama that takes place is strong. Jeanne (Cooper)’s passing was a horrible loss to the show, and very heartbreaking.”

Several fan favorites will be returning for the memorial service episodes that are set to air on September 3 and 4, including Cooper’s real life son, Corbin Bernsen, as Father Todd. Daniel spoke about a particular scene that Bernsen performed:

“Corbin, as Father Todd, had a poem he had to read toward the end of the memorial service, which was written by Katherine Chancellor. He starts reading the poem, and breaks. He pulls himself together, and says, ‘I’m sorry. I just need a minute.’ He then brings himself back together and reads the poem. It was so surreal because this is Jeanne’s son in real life playing the priest reading the poem by Katherine. Kay wanted this to be a celebration of life, not the mourning of life, so that you don’t get the duality of how you want to play the scene, how you emotionally want to play the scene, or how it needs to be played. It was a very surreal experience, but it’s a really sweet, beautiful episode. I was very happy to be a part of it. It’s special to me.”

The characters of Cane and Lily have a popular following, and the fans have been very vocal about the recent episodes which feature the characters of Hillary and Tyler, who had been meddling in the couple’s happiness.

“What happens next is not what you would expect. What’s coming up is such good soap, and I just encourage everyone to go on the ride and ENJOY that drama. Sit back, allow it to make you mad, sad, or angry because that is why you watch the show. With all that is said and done, understand that the writers of the show have a very solid understanding of what the viewers like and want. They are very good at creating that angst and drama. The stuff that we shot over the last two weeks, it plays out very well, I think. I met some fans in Ft. Lauderdale who were VERY vocal about Hillary and Cane, as well as Lily and Tyler. I said, ‘Go on the ride. Enjoy it.’ They replied, ‘I can’t do it! It makes me mad!’ That’s good. The last thing you want is complacency or indifference. That means that the writers are not doing their job. As I always tells fans of Cane and Lily, if you love the two together and their life story, from a writers’ perspective, they have to have something they need to write about. Always understand that the writers definitely want to write for us.”

We talked more with Daniel about the memorial episodes for Kay Chancellor, as well as him filming episodes of “The Price is Right,” which are set to air in November.

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