Podcast #551: Podcast-PALOOZA with “Fumbling,” “The INN,” and “Beverly Pills”

130816-hotashellIn just several days, some of the best independent entertainment on the web will come together to celebrate in Los Angeles for the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards. Recently, we spoke with a few folks who are involved with their own Indie projects on the web.

We were joined by Julie Smith, Steve Silverman, Luis Bastamante, and Ginger Parker.

Smith is one of the writers of the nominated series, “Fumbling Thru the Pieces.” The show, which is set to come back for a third season, follows the life of Jesse, who seeks solace at her sister’s home in Burbank. The only thing is, it seems Jesse got a lot more than what she bargained for.

Silverman is the creator of both “The INN” and “Pretty: The Series.” “The INN” are short episodic arcs that showcase a woman having to check into a strange inn. Expect the type of horror and spookiness that some fans describe as a cross between Hitchcock and “The Twilight Zone.” “Pretty: The Series” follows the lives of the Champagne family, and Michael dreams of the one goal that any proud pageant father could wish for…to see his 5 year old win the Miss Star Eyes Pageant.

Bastamante and Parker created and write for the new series, “Beverly Pills.” The new comedy short on the web deals with how a rich, socialite girl, who may not be the brightest bulb in the lamp, loses all of her assets after it is seized by the government, and becoming the best and biggest pill dealer in Beverly Hills.

We spoke with everyone about their web series shows, as well as the hottest event in the summer, entitled, “Hot as Hell,” set to be hosted by SoapCentral Founder, and SoapCentral Live host, Dan J. Kroll.

Click the links below for the following information:

Fumbling Thru the Pieces

The Inn/Pretty the Series

Beverly Pills

Hot as Hell Event

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