BUZZCast Interviews: Gene Pope of “Queen of Knives”

Gene Pope stopped by the podcast to chat about the film, “Queen of Knives.” While this is a follow-up to, “King of Knives,” this has a more comedic take than the previous where it was more drama-centric. Pope spoke with us about how we can consider this a coming of age film, and how Frank, Pope’s character, has to go through new stages in his life.

We spoke about the stellar cast in this film, including Mel Harris, who many fans remember from her role as Hope on the ABC drama, “Thirtysomething.” Pope gave us some behind the scenes stories that took place and his biggest takeaway from the film.

“Queen of Knives” is available on Pay-Per-View, VUDU, and Apple TV for viewing. 

Watch the video interview below, or listen to the podcast above.

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