Podcast #548: “A Reason” Director DOMINIQUE SCHILLING

Dominique Schilling
Dominique Schilling

Dominique Schilling is a filmmaker and director, whose work has been seen at numerous film festivals around the world. Her latest film, “A Reason,” just finished in post-production. It stars Marion Ross, who many fans remember as Mrs. Cunningham from “Happy Days,” and tells the story about a family who is brought together by unfortunate circumstances:

“‘A Reason’ is about a dysfunctional family that gathers together at their Aunt Irene’s house over the weekend. Aunt Irene is dying of cancer, and everyone wants to inherit her estate. The characters include Nathan and Serena, who are half-siblings, their half-brother, Chris, and his wife, as well as the long lost niece who was banned from the family. There is also Nathan, Serena and Chris’ mother, and of course, Aunt Irene (Marion Ross). They all bring a lot of baggage to the table. When they are all together in one place, they need to leave their baggage behind. Sometimes, it is difficult to deal with family members.”

One of Schilling’s other films was “Business As Usual,” which tells the story of a woman trying to make it in a man’s world. What makes this film unique is the in-depth story of how a woman deals with pregnancy and miscarriage. We spoke about that as well as how she and Caroline Risberg formed Risberg Schilling Productions.

Fans can follow “A Reason” on Twitter: @AReasonFilm.

To download the full podcast with Dominique Schilling, click on the player below:

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