Janet Drucker to Replace Co-Executive Producer Albert Alarr at “Days of our Lives”

Janet Drucker

In a statement released by Ken Corday via email, Albert Alarr has been let go from the Peacock soap, “Days of our Lives,” following a nine week investigation of misconduct allegations. Replacing the now former co-executive producer will be Janet Drucker, which was first reported by Deadline. Corday’s statement regarding Alarr’s dismissal is as follows:

“Effective immediately, Janet Drucker will be elevated to co-executive producer of Days of Our Lives, replacing Albert Alarr, who will be exiting his role. Moving forward, we will be implementing additional HR protocols, including an increased HR presence as well as channels for reporting any concerns. It is imperative that we have a safe and inclusive workplace environment.”

Following the initial report from Deadline that Alarr had allegedly forced groping and kissing and creating a toxic environment on set, several members of the “DAYS” cast signed a petition requesting change on set. Former “DAYS” veterans Lisa Rinna and Farah Galford (formerly Fath) also spoke up in support for change at the show.

Alarr’s full statement can be seen below:

“It is hard to overstate how heartbreaking I find this situation.

These allegations were already examined in a detailed and entirely independent investigation that lasted for two months. Dozens of individuals cooperated and every claim was thoroughly looked into. At the end of that process, the decision was made that I should continue in my role as Co-Executive Producer. Now, with no new facts presented, the studios have reversed course and caved to a cynical pressure campaign to force me out of my job.

It’s important to set the record straight. Every day, I worked with hundreds of people, the overwhelming majority of whom would disagree with recent mischaracterizations of me. I have been in this industry for decades, and not a single complaint has ever been made against me until now.

Many of the claims recently referenced in the media are simply false. Others have been taken so out of context or are so twisted that they are unrecognizable from the truth.

To be clear, this whole situation stems from the animus of just two individuals. Those individuals, at a time of industry-wide cutbacks and economic uncertainty, have been relentlessly angling for greater pay and increased influence on the show, and, it appears, believed that their best strategy to get it was to play on vile stereotypes in order to bring down a Black man in a position of power.

I will always be proud of being the only Black director/producer in daytime soap operas. And, while I am devastated by the manner of my departure, I will always treasure my years at Days of Our Lives and wish the wildly talented cast and crew the very best for the future.

Albert Alarr”

The show is set to return to production on Monday, August 7th, but has a pre-planned hiatus again beginning August 14th.

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