“Days of our Lives” Cast Request Change as More Details Against Albert Alarr Come to Light

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After a nine-week investigation took place regarding misconduct allegations against co-executive producer Albert Alarr, more details have emerged behind the scenes of, “Days of our Lives.” Deadline reports that the cast have taken it upon themselves to start a petition asking for a new leader for the Peacock soap.

Part of the petition from the cast reads as follows:

“As a result of said actions of the current [co-] executive producer Albert Alarr, mentioned in the report, many of us feel — and will continue to feel — very uncomfortable and distraught should he stay involved with the show. Many of us have either been physically or verbally violated by him, including witnessing those objectionable and offensive actions.”

The petition continues:

“We all want to make the most of this significant moment, not just for us in entertainment, but for our loyal viewers and the culture as a whole.”

Some current and former staffers at the soap went to Deadline in anonymity to corroborate and provide even more details against Alarr. One such instance involved an actress wearing a 1970’s style jumpsuit and David Bowie style haircut in scenes. An insider stated that as this actress walked away with their male co-star, Alarr allegedly came onto the set and said, “Hey, you big d*ke!” This evoked stunned gasps and shock from cast and crew. Another allegation was that Alarr would speak on a woman’s body image insecurities, where a source said, “He meant it to be humiliating in front of an all-male crew.”

On top of all of this, cast and crew are feeling broken down due to the fast taping schedule, budget cuts, and lack of communication from production about the investigation results. An employee stated how upsetting it is that executive producer, Ken Corday, has not inserted himself to fix the situation at hand.

Their statement is as follows:

“I was always grateful to Ken, and I always had hopes that he would do the right thing, and what we’re seeing is that he’s not, and that’s very sad to me. It’s very sad that he’s chosen one person over the entirety of the show, and the integrity of the show.”

Corday has not been fully involved with the show for the last few years, according to Deadline. As one performer pointed out to the website, they stated that had this been an actor who was facing similar, or any, allegations, they would be terminated instantly. Majority of the staff are upset that not only does it seem he is getting away with his actions, no one has done anything because they feel not enough people are speaking up.

One former “DAYS” actress took to her Twitter to voice her experience on set. Farrah Galfond (formerly Fath, who played Mimi Lockhart) took time to share what it was like for her to be directed by Alarr at the young age of 19:

Deadline also reports that they reached out to Sony TV and Alarr’s wife, who is a writer at “DAYS,” but both either declined or did not respond for comment.

To read about the initial report on the misconduct investigation, click HERE.

We will update as more details develop in this story.

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