BUZZCast Interviews: Marina Sirtis of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Marina Sirtis/Photo Credit: Getty Images

Marina Sirtis is recognized to many fans for playing the role of Deanna Troi on the syndicated, “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The actress reprised the role on the Paramount+ series, “Picard,” which is in its final season.

We got to speak with Sirtis about her career in television, which spanned for more than 3 decades, including her first U.S. role on the series, “Hunter.”  Could you imagine Star Trek without Deanna Troi? We spoke about how the show was able to develop the character after the first season, and even delved into her voiceover work.

Sirtis was one of the voices on the popular Disney animated series, “Gargoyles.” We chatted about that, plus much more in this fun, in-depth conversation!

Take a listen to the podcast by clicking on the player above!

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