BUZZCast Interviews: Actor Bruce Baek

Bruce Baek

Bruce stars as “Jin-ho” on the second season of the BAFTA and Spirit Award-nominated anthology drama series “Little America” (APPLE TV+) and recurs as “Hak Oh-Seong” on HBO Max’s Emmy Award-winning series “The Flight Attendant” opposite Kaley Cuoco and Rosie Perez.

Bruce also has two more big projects coming this year! By Hollywood standards, Bruce is late to the game – beginning as a NYC university professor up for tenure (which means stability “for life”!) before moving cross-country and jumping into the craziest, most unpredictable, against-all-odds profession in the world.

Not only did he have to take the “normal” giant leap of faith for any actor, he also faced a world where Asian Americans are traditionally shut out and a youth-focused culture where he no longer fit.

Watch the interview with Bruce Baek above as we talk about his career, working alongside Rosie Perez, and even his start in the industry.

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