The CW Eyeing “DYNASTY” Reboot From “Gossip Girl” Creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage

dynastyWith success of certain shows getting reboots that tell the story from a continuation perspective, another classic could possibly return. The CW is looking to bring back the “DYNASTY” franchise from “Gossip Girl” creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Sallie Patrick, “Revenge” writer/producer, as well as the original co-creators Esther and Richard Shapiro, have all teamed up to work the series into development.

Originally produced by the late Aaron Spelling, this new take will focus on Fallon Carrington, daughter of Blake Carrington, and her being at odds with Cristal, a Hispanic woman marrying into the family. The interesting premise is an updated version of the original, where Fallon resented Blake for marrying a much younger Krystle. However, one thing will remain the same. The Carringtons and the Colbys will vie for control of money, fortune, and power!

Patrick would serve as showrunner, while Savage and Schwartz would be the executive producers if the project moves forward. Lis Rowinski would serve as co-executive producer.

“Dynasty” originally ran from 1981-1989 on ABC, with a follow-up TV movie in 1991 on CBS. The show would gain its popularity and phenomenon with the addition of Joan Collins as Alexis in the second season.

Aspects of the show that made it a staple to watch were the tongue lashings Alexis and Krystle gave to one another, Dominique Devereaux being a relative to Blake, Claudia and the infamous “baby” dropping from the roof, and the catfights! Fans will recall the pond catfight with Alexis and Krystle, and it was the first time in primetime television where the word, “Bitch,” was used.

What do you think of the idea of “Dynasty” coming back to television in a new form?

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