“Ladies of the Lake” First Official Poster Released!

Jessica Morris, Lilly Melgar, Martha Madison, Marie Wilson
Jessica Morris, Lilly Melgar, Martha Madison, Marie Wilson

This morning, I got the pleasure of seeing the first official poster of “Ladies of the Lake,” and all I can say is that it is PURE GLAM! These four ladies definitely showing what they are worth, and it’s going to be one hot summer.

Ladies of the Lake tells the story of four wealthy wives living in the exclusive gated community of Avalon. When their abusive husbands begin to turn up dead, Detective Shawn Daniels (Kyle Lowder) launches an investigation, only to discover the many secrets hidden beneath the glossy veneers of Avalon. The script was penned by Caruso, adapted from a novel written by Ken Corday and is being produced through Michael & Barbara Caruso Productions.

Portraying the four mysterious ladies are Emmy and Indie Series Award nominee Martha Madison, in the role of Vivian Montgomery, an intellectual business woman who gave up her career to support her husband, Emmy and Indie Series Award winner Lilly Melgar as Angelica Louis, the quintessential Hollywood Wife with a tragic past, Indie Series Award nominee Marie Wilson as Morgan Firestone, a former pageant queen who became the face of her husband’s shipping empire and Jessica Morris who portrays Crystal Amhurst, a barren trophy wife who will do anything to keep her husbands attention.

Ladies of the Lake will makes its debut this summer.

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