Stacy Haiduk Returns to “The Young and the Restless”

Stacy Haiduk
Stacy Haiduk

Watch out, Jack. The string of crazy exes continues for you in Genoa City. Soap Digest has reported that Stacy Haiduk is returning to CBS Daytime’s “The Young and the Restless” as Patty Williams, Paul’s sister. Haiduk also played the dual role of Dr. Emily Peterson, as well. The actress first appeared on the soap in 2009, under the alias Mary Jane. It would later be revealed she was Patty, brought to town by Victor Newman, with a new face.

Patty stopped at nothing to win Jack back, even if she had to kill in the process. She kidnapped Colleen Carlton, which ultimately led to her death, shot Victor, worked with the Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin look-alike Sarah Smythe to help kill Phyllis and Michael Baldwin, kidnapped and switched places with Emily, and shot Jack (AGAIN) at the altar. When last seen in 2012, Patty was still in the mental institution. How will she manage to come back this time?

Stacy Haiduk reports to work next week, and will begin airing sometime in September.

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