Meet the New Dillon Quartermaine! Robert Palmer Watkins Takes on “General Hospital” Role

Robert Palmer Watkins
Robert Palmer Watkins

With the absence of Ned Ashton in Port Charles, now was the perfect time to bring back Tracy’s other son into the Quartermaine Mansion. Robert Palmer Watkins made his debut as Dillon Quartermaine this week on ABC Daytime’s “General Hospital.”

Scott Clifton first portrayed adult Dillon from 2003 to 2007, with also making an appearance during Emily Quartermaine’s and Georgie Jones’ funeral episodes. Now, in the form of Palmer Watkins, Dillon returns to Port Charles showcasing his approval for Luke and Tracy’s marriage plans.

This marks Palmer Watkins first soap role, and can be seen on the web series, “Last Life,” as Shane.

Only time will tell what is in store for Dillon now that he has returned. What do you think of Robert Palmer Watkins?

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