Budig/Parise/Blakemore/Buchanan Exit “General Hospital”

Rebecca Budig/Sean Blakemore/Ian Buchanan/Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Rebecca Budig/Sean Blakemore/Ian Buchanan/Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Fans and the citizens of Port Charles had to recently say goodbye to certain characters this past week. Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Ian Buchanan, and Rebecca Budig recently ended their stints at ABC’s “General Hospital.” Sean Blakemore is also exiting the show, however he will air for several more weeks post the live episodes.

As we watched Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) say a tearful goodbye to Duke Lavery, Carlos also met his demise this past week. Hayden, unfortunately, suffered a casualty as she took a bullet to the head, and slipped into a coma. It looks as if Hayden’s condition could work in Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) favor, as she now gets to keep Jake Doe’s (Billy Miller) identity a secret. For those that have not kept up, Jake is Jason Morgan.

A lot of online speculation could be that these exits could mean that the mob might be on the backburner for a little while.

What do you think of the latest character exits? Are you sad to see them go?

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