Nikki Newman/Melody Thomas Scott to Get Stand-Alone Episode on “Y&R”

Melody Thomas Scott
Melody Thomas Scott

Nikki Newman is about to experience a pitfall that even she cannot get herself out of. While Nikki tried to clean herself up with her alcoholism years ago, will she be able to get the help she needs now? Melody Thomas Scott previewed Nikki’s Intervention with TV Insider’s Michael Logan, and if she had it her way, Nikki would definitely STAY off the wagon.

“What triggers the intervention?

Nikki is always trying to cover up her drinking with an excuse. “Oh, it’s my multiple sclerosis acting up.” “Oh, I’m just really tired.” “Oops, sorry, I almost dropped your baby!” But now her kids, Nicholas and Victoria, have seen her sloppy drunk with their own eyes. So they lie and say there’s going to be a family dinner. They claim Victor really misses everybody and that he doesn’t like seeing how we’re treating each other. Nikki wants none of it. She wants to stay in her room with her cocktails and her pajamas. But she finally gives in and, when she gets to this so-called dinner, she sees Dylan and is immediately suspicious. Then other people start showing up. It turns out to be an intervention and, needless to say, Nikki’s not happy. The walls go up.”

Thomas Scott also spoke with Logan about the new regime at “The Young and the Restless,” if Neil and Nikki could possibly get closer than before, and more.

Look for this special stand alone episode surrounding Melody Thomas Scott/Nikki Newman to air on Thursday, May 28, on CBS Daytime and PopTV.

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