Podcast #576: Music Composer JIM DOOLEY

Jim Dooley
Jim Dooley

Jim Dooley is an Emmy-winning music composer whose work can currently be heard on the TNT original series, “The Last Ship.” Dooley received an Emmy for his work on the former ABC series, “Pushing Daises,” which still has a cult following since the show’s cancellation.

We spoke with Dooley about how fans still want to see a possible revival of “Pushing Daises,” and how the writers’ strike led to the show’s unfortunate demise. Also, we got down to what goes on at Comic-Con events. To be honest, I would love to be in a crowd of such devoted, loyal fans who come dressed as their favorite characters and interact with them. Not to mention these same fans know more about behind the scenes stuff about a show that any other fan would be shocked to learn.

Also, Jim spoke with us about the process and concepts behind the “SOCOM 3” video game soundtrack, and how came up with 18 hours worth of material. The soundtrack to both “SOCOM 3” and “SOCOM: Combined Assault” is now available for purchase at http://lalalandrecords.com

To find out more information on Jim Dooley, you can visit his website at http://jimdooley.com, and visit his Twitter account at: @jimdooleymusic.

Download the full podcast with Jim Dooley below:

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