42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to Take Place on April 26, 2015!

Daytime Emmy Awards Logo

Daytime Emmy Awards Logo

For the past several years, the Daytime Emmy Awards have taken place in late June, but look for a slight change this coming year. The award ceremony is set to take place on Sunday, April 26, 2015, with the Creative Arts Ceremony taking place on Friday, April 24. The Daytime Emmy nominations are to be announced on March 26.

Here is a look at the Daytime Emmy Awards calendar:

October 2014
October 23 (Thursday) – Call for entries – Entry and judging registration system available
October 29 (Wednesday) – Visit to ATAS in LA for a rules discussion/Yangaroo instructional

November 2014
November 24 (Monday) – Early entry deadline
Entry Information and Payment processes must be completeVideo Upload process must be finalized by December 22, 2014(Holiday shows or shows airing after the early or final deadline, eg. Christmas Day Parade have until Wednesday, January 7th)
November 28 (Friday) – Drama performer pre-nom clips submission deadline

December 2014
December 22 (Monday) – Final entry and judges’ registration deadline!!!
Entry Information, Payment and Video Upload processes must be completeon all entries. (Holiday Shows, eg. Christmas Day Parade have until Wednesday, January 7th)
December 22 (Monday) – Deadline for judges to join or renew ATAS/NATAS membership

January 2015
January 5 (Monday) – New Approaches categories URLs operational
January 12 (Monday) – Drama Performer pre-nom judging begins (judges have 3 weeks and 3 weekends)
January (Monday) 12 Preliminary round judging begins (judges have 3 weeks and 3 weekends)

February 2015
February 2 (Monday) – Drama performer pre-nom ends/prelimary round judging ends
February 4 (Wednesday) – Drama performer pre-nom announcement
February 20 (Friday) – Deadline to receive supporting text/documents
Drama Show Synopses, Actor Synopses, Scripts, Casting documents, Music Cue Sheets, Song Lyrics
February 23 (Monday) – Deadline for blue ribbon actor reels to be uploaded
February 24 (Tuesday) – Blue ribbon judging begins

March 2015
March 7 (Saturday) – Individual Achievement in Animation, Performer in Animation and Performer in a Children’s or Pre-School Children’s Series Judging (LA)
March 20 (Friday) – Blue ribbon ballot submission deadline
March 26 (Thursday) – Nominations announced

April 2015
April 6 (Monday) – Deadline for nomination team member additions/corrections
April 24 (Friday) – Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
April 26 (Sunday) – Daytime Emmy Awards Telecast

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  1. I am wondering if there is a venue for the Daytime Emmy Awards yet I know the show is on April 26 is there a venue? Beverly Hilton? do you know? can you help?


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