Podcast #571: Gabriel Mann of ABC’s “Revenge”

One of our favorites returned to THE BUZZ to promote the new season of ABC’s “Revenge.” Gabriel Mann plays the role of Nolan Ross on the series, and after an explosive season finale, fans (myself included) could not imagine how the show could possibly top that. For those that need a refresher (and for those that have not see it yet, SPOILER ALERT), Emily got her revenge on the Graysons, and even sent Victoria to a mental institution after knocking her out with a shovel!

“The level of intensity of where we left the show last year and where we pick up this year is just…WHEW! I don’t envy the writers, but I must say that there must be something in the coffee in the writers’ room. They are coming up with some stuff that is so twisted, and I know I say this a lot. This show is truly a nasty, little twisted piece of work. The stuff this year with the character of David Clarke being back is so shocking, well-played, and re-re the story that show is based on. We are finally going to see the characters’ reactions. In some way, shape or form, every character on the show has a relationship with this guy. We get to see how that plays out as he comes back into this world of revenge in the Hamptons, as well as Emily’s life. She based her whole life on thinking the guy was dead. So, it’s a mind F-U-C-K! Let’s put it that way!”

As many of my readers/listeners know, I am a huge “Revenge” fan here at the show, so of course, I tried to see if we could some tease of what’s to come for the fourth season. Mann put it best when he described it as this is the year where all the bets are off, and there are no more rules.

“I don’t think anyone is going to be ready for what’s coming very, VERY quickly this season. This is as far as I can tease it. Honestly, there are no more rules in the game. Since Emily, at the end of last season, did get her revenge last season. Conrad’s dead, but she doesn’t know her father killed him. Victoria is freaking out in a mental hospital, and has been committed. Victoria’s kids are scattered in the wind. Daniel’s career is ruined, and may be as psychopath at this point. How many people has he killed? Two? Three? We also have the LeMarchal’s. Poor Pascal ended up in the blades of a helicopter last year. We start this season with Victoria in the darkest place we have ever seen her. This is a woman that you don’t trifle with lightly. So, pushing baby that far into a corner…probably not a good idea.”

There is so much more that was discussed with Gabe that you may just have to hear it for yourself! We have the full podcast with Mr. Mann below, so I suggest you download ASAP, Revengers.

Follow Gabriel Mann on Twitter at @Gabriel_Mann, and make sure to catch the season four premiere of “Revenge” this Sunday, at 10/9c on ABC. Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags, #LongLiveDavidClarke.

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